Friday, July 3, 2009

Handmade Box ...Ready To Give!

Here are a few more details to the box making video posted earlier. The total cost for this finished 2 1/4" box is approximately 15cents. Here are the steps for finishing it up!
1. Using a 12 x 12 inch cardstock sheet, cut it evenly into 4 squares. Each 12x12 makes two jewelry size boxes. It's not necessary to use double side printed stock, as you really don't see the underside. It will also save you a little $. Match together two different color schemes to make a fun combination!
2. Follow the video tutorial for folding your paper
3. Your box top and bottom should now be complete! Add rikrak or trim as you like. Cut a small piece of cardstock or fold your business card in half and tie on your jewelry of you don't have your own jewelry cards. Place in box on a small bit of tissue.
4. Your box should look something like this,
5. Place your mailing label inside the box top if you use one.
6. Fold tissue sleeves over the jewelry and close box
7. I added a little folder to the top for a little "thank you!"
They now have a cute little box to reuse or keep their treasure in! Handmade is always a warmer in someones heart! You're sure to get happy responses with this!
Thanks for checking out the box idea...
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