Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Painting with fire.....playing with fire!

I've been reading and researching about enameling with a torch for some time. Beth Crissman at Muncy High School was kind enough to have me in to test out some of her enamel materials over the last month.  Barbara Lewis has been creating unbelievable pieces with enamel, mandrels and a torch. She has really brought this fairly new technique into our hands.  One day not to long ago, I came across her new forum just in the first few days of its life called www.paintingwithfire.ning.com.  What an inspirational group of talent.  Most of the members are wanna-bees just like me! Many have old school enameling techniques. It wasn't long before I placed my order and with the help and guidance from the group, I have been successfully torching for a few weeks.   It has been so exciting watching our abilities grow and really terrific to to be able to shoot ideas back and forth with product and designs!  My kids are really having fun with it too.  Angela (18) torched this wonderful set below and Austin (11) is a whiz at the beads! We had a  family torch day when she was home from college.  This is a super fun yet not too expensive hobby.  It's fun to hit flea markets and yard sales, searching for things to enamel like metal keys, vintage metal jewelry, etc.  

At the top are a few of my new designs with enameled metal.   If interested in trying this out, it will cost you around $150 for all the materials (torch head too) you'll need to get started.  You can purchase everything you need here: Painting With Fire at Etsy
I'll soon have beads, charms and pendants available at Trimtex in Williamsport for purchase!  I will also be offering private classes for this through the summer...if interested, please leave me a message.  

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