Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Peek from 1st Friday at the Pajama Factory

Here's a peek at the Artisan Market at 1st Friday...My sweet friend Luci came and  brought her wonderful beaded jewelry!  She's also helping me out, as I think I did more talking than selling! It was like a reunion...I got to see so many old friends...what a terrific night... Thank you Luci!

Joanne Mihalik's wonderful cakes and confections was the place to be!  She wowed everyone with her wonderful cake balls and truffles.... I don't believe I've ever had better! (and boy am I hard to impress...) So please, if you need some wonderful sweet goodness in you her....She can make it happen! Search her on facebook or leave me a comment!

Jules Artwear had ton's of  her cool know her...always peddling her wares at the mall in front of Burlinton Coat know...the place that's surrounded with a ton of people!

 Beth Moser Designs was sporting her sweet new display and her one of a kind beaded pieces were just sparkling!  Her talented husband, Chris Moser filled our ears with wonderful  acoustic guitar sounds and terrific vocals!

Sweet Sally's Soaps had a terrific selection of handmade soaps and body I need to say more??

Suzette Mason from Simply Sterling Designs wowed us all with her "simply" wonderful handcrafted silver jewelry...

Well if you missed it, it really was an amazing night...and not another event for a while...but we're working on more 1st Fridays...we just need a cool (actually warm) place to park our goods through the rest of the if you know of a business downtown that would like to feature us...please leave me a comment or send an email!  A big thanks to Mark & Jen at the Pajama Factory for making the night a complete success!  Looking forward to going back!

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JulesArtwear said...

It was such fun! The place was just vibrating with people! The Pajama Factory is definitely a cool place to explore.


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