Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nautically Thinking....that is~

So I'm totally hooked on my metal and patina.....in conversations and inspirations with a  nautically inspired  (not mentioning any names)  Shannon...you know who you are!  I have been doing my typical scouring the net...searching for nautically inspired artifacts and such.....but before I show you some of the cool things I've found...let me show you a few pieces I made...now bear in mind I made this first piece before my surfing  the net...
Here is a piece I put together this weekend...I call it a port hole time piece....  Just playing around with this idea of using glass tiles in my metal design....to give that nautical/under the sea feeling.  There is a front and back to this...the front is free form copper with verdigris patina....fine silver rivets....brass etched bail...... The back is stamped NAUTI GIRL ~ Play on words....For the Beach in all of us... So anyways....as I'm surfing today through google images for shipwrecked artifacts, I come across this next picture below.... and I'm thinking this is so amazingly similar to my crazy designs.....The picture below is an electric meter from the Titanic ShipwreckIt's a meter for the electric light from the compass of the Titanic and was recovered from the shipwreck.

So how crazy is that???
I'm a beach girl at heart...I purchased a timeshare years ago, so I would be able to visit  the Delaware seashore every year no matter what!  I can be found on my beach blanket ....with my kids, tools, dremel and wire...whipping up jewelry for us to wear that night to dinner.....We comb the beach first thing in the morning and then shift into design mode.... watching the dolphins and seagulls....listening to the waves....after lunch I pull out a good book that I've been waiting to read, usually a James Patterson novel...once in a while a Dean Koontz....and just take it easy....by now my husband and  kids  have left...and I am so at peace~
 Then comes reality...and my family...telling me to hurry up it's 5:30 and they're all starving!  
Lol....can you tell I'm starving for the beach? 
Luckily we leave in 2 months....

Here are some other pieces I've put together towards this nautically inspired mood I'm in...


Alice said...


All your pieces are lovely, but holy cow that first one is breathtaking! I love the portal design.

I purchased Shannon's patina tutorial but since my mother has been very sick I have not had a chance to do anything with it.

The Clay Chick said...

The round earrings are gorgeous, and I definitely like the addition of glass in your designs...it really sets off the copper.

stacilouise said...

I love the shore. We hunt sea glass, since I use it a lot in my designs. Its like a competition with me and the kids, though my husband is by far the best beach comber. He's got hawk eyes!
Love your style, and those new pieces don't dissaopint!

Kristi Bowman said...

Oh Melinda, that big chunky bracelet is to die for!!!

RockRushIndia said...

Thanks so much. This jewellery is so pretty. I like that the jewellery looks vintage.


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