Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wrapping Stones...Messy style!

I've been seeing lots of wire wrapping on beads & briolettes but for the life of me couldn't get it right~  
I searched out some helpful tutorials....
Here is what I accomplished ~  Not so bad!

Here's a helpful pdf to download ~

A Youtube video ~ Denise Mathews

This is very helpful too!

Happy Wrapping!


Alice said...

Melinda, I struggle with this so much that I avoid buying brios--even though I love them.

Your wraps look good! Thanks for the links to the tutorials.

Holly said...

I tend to do a messy wrap myself - and not just on brios! :) Love these earrings, and thanks for the links too!

The Clay Chick said...

Thanks for posting! The earrings look awesome!

RockRushIndia said...

Earrings enhance a woman's beauty and the right pair of earrings can make or break a look.


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