Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working hard on new components & necklaces ~

Here are some new pieces ~ new components & necklaces ~
 The clasps have been posted on my Etsy site...Necklaces will be available over the weekend. 
Just want to thank EVERYONE that is participating in my Peace Creek Bangle Giveaway...I never imagined I would get to 100 and surpass it so quickly! There's still time to enter. I'll draw the morning of the 24th...
Click here for the Peace Creek Bangle Giveaway 
Click here for the Patina Kite Necklace Giveaway

Over the Edge Clasp

Moonlit Toggle Clasp

Poor attempt at bezel setting...but something about it I like~ 

Earthy Orange Spindle

Rough on Peace Necklace

Dragonfly Flower Necklace

Sun and Moon Charms

Butterfly Dreamscape
Enjoy your weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by~ 


Little Assembly Required said...

All the pieces are amazing! I especially like the earthy orange spindle!

Diana P. said...

Nice metalwork Melinda! Really love the clasp and the sun and moon piece!

Heather said...

wonderful rustic pieces. I love the metals and what you have done with them. I like that earthy orange spindle too!

Kristi Bowman said...

Very nice Melinda, I recognize a could of those charms too. They look good!!


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