Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Riveting Kind of Thing ~

Having fun with my new shipment of components and rivets....just not enough hours in a day to make everything...I'll be in Dushore this weekend for an art & craft event.  So will have to wait til next week to play more!  I've posted many of the components you'll see here...
I'm working on a tutorial for riveting this cuff....soon I promise.  Lot's more to come! 
Stop by my Etsy to see all the new items~ 
Drawing the winner to my Glass Image Giveaway next you still have time to enter!

HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE! Have a great weekend~

Love this new cuff...all the components & bracelet are on my Etsy site

These are mine!  But happy to make them for you~

Little stars...I just trimmed off the little loop 

These new rivets are wonderful...just a quick tap and they are set!

Just a few fun earrings~


Alice said...

Beautiful stuff Melinda! That cuff is just gorgeous and I can't wait for the tutorial!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Beautiful! I am having such issues with riveting. I think I must be doing something wrong.
Have a great 4th!

Softflexgirl said...


Pepita said...

Wonderful stuff. Just one question though... did you rivet the stars too? I don't see the rivet...

Melinda Orr said...

That piece is soldered...but could easily have been riveted ~ my rivets need a 1.5mm hole ~ Thanks everyone!


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