Thursday, August 4, 2011

Athena...Sterling's good! Real good!

I've been throwing around the idea of sterling silver components and have had a lot of folks starting out I'm offering these new Athena texture pieces....I'll be listing these next week along with finished jewelry using them ~ I'll be offering my oval clasp in Sterling Silver Athena too!

Here's my freeform bezel set ~ would be pretty as a necklace too! 

 What shapes or textures are you interested in seeing in Sterling Silver?   


Alice said...

Amazing stuff you have here. I just love that free form bezel!!!!!

Christine said...

Just found your Etsy shop after seeing a piece in the Love My Art blog. You do great work! Love the component pieces. I look forward to giving them a try!

Christine said...

Me again, just saw your give away by scrolling through your blog posts. Since you reached 400 on my birthday, I feel it is a sign for me to enter and win!!

Kristen said...

OMG those are Amazing!!!! That bezel is WOWWIE!

Anonymous said...

The bezel is wonderful. For other forms I like ovals (as well as the ones you posted).

Holly said...

Oh, wow....I'm totally speechless! That freeform bezel is gorgeous!

MoonRae said...

Oh yea sweetie,good,REAL good!!They are all gorgeous!

Melinda Orr said...

Thanks everyone! Getting ready to post some of this stuff! I may have to put together some of the bezel pieces to sell too I guess!


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