Monday, August 29, 2011

Bead Fest Phila ~ Aftermath

So here it is a few weeks later!  I am just now unpacking my Bead Fest finds.  I came home to a pile of orders from the big sale we had that week.  It took all week to get caught up...and my bead addiction impulses kept pulling me over to my bag...but I resisted....this weekend my daughter and boyfriend came home from Penn State and I helped them make some fun textured rustic bezel set rings from those cabs I picked up last month:
Angela and Kevin's copper rustic rings ~ 
Irene put a damper on things by taking our our power and we canned spaghetti sauce all day...
and happily by dinner time all was restored! 

So finally today is reveal day for my are just a few of the new beads and supplies I picked up ~ 

Solid copper spacer beads

Look at these! Gorgeous huh! 

Aren't these wonderful...just can't decide what to use first!

Some beauties here! 

The Lipstick Ranch had some cool oversized ball chains  and  super soft leather strips 

Some wonderful clay beads from Elaine Ray ~ she showed with  Ornamentea 

So today...I'm getting caught up on orders again, 
but have high hopes to start sharing some new projects I'm working on....
It's a beautiful day here in Central PA...
You would never know we went through a hurricane...
(we were pretty lucky to just get high winds and low amounts of rain) 
I just wanted to share a picture of my beautiful morning glories and purple hyacinth vines.. 
I'm blessed to wake up to these every morning....they always bring a smile ...hope they bring one to you too!


KayzKreationz said...

I love your hyacinth bean and mornign glories. It's so nice to see something growing. It's so hot here in Central Texas (112 yesterday) that I've lost just about every plant I own, in my yard and my pots. Water every day and still not enough.
I love that copper. And the 3rd pic down has wonderful beads. Are some Jasper? Although all your finds are gorgeous. Thanks.

Diana P. said...

Mmmmm love all the earthy beads you bought. I wish we had more time so we could have gone through each others purchases before we went home!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Oh, you have some great finds from Bead Fest! I have my stash waiting still (did peek in there a bit the other day). Happy to hear you guys didn't get hit hard by Irene & lost power for just a bit…

Those jars of gravy look awesome! Get me some big crusty bread for dippin… :)

RockRushIndia said...

The rings has an amazing design and look. I really like it. Thanks for sharing with us.


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