Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adding a "BUY NOW" Button to your blog ~

I'm having a Countdown to Christmas sale & 
featuring a discounted item per day from my designs...
When thinking this through I really wanted to be able to have a quick buy option right from my blog.  
Sort of a big thank you for following & here's a good deal to reward you ~ 
So I have been digging and searching and came up with a solution so easy.
If you already use Paypal for receiving payments, then you are ready to get setup ~
Please feel free to join in anytime til Christmas,
 if you would like to offer an item a day sale ~ 
just remember,  items should be in stock and discounted. This is a great way to move some pieces that have been hanging around, introduce new designs etc.
Go to the bottom of my post and connect via Inlinkz..Click here ~  
Here are all the details ~ 
  • Log into Paypal
  • Select Merchant Services {on the top bar}
  • Go to Create Button section and choose Buy Now (there are other options to explore here too)
  • STEP 1 - You are now ready to set up a BUY NOW button for your item
  • Step 1: Choose a button type and enter your payment details

    Note: Go to My saved buttons to create a new button similar to an existing one.
    Need multiple prices?
    Customize button
    Customize text or appearance(optional)
    What’s this?Use custom button images that match the look of your website.
    Your customer's view
    Preview Image
    Contribution amount
    Have PayPal create user names and passwords for customersWhat's this?Give customers access to "members-only" content on your site.
    Give customers access to "members-only" content on your site.
    IPN and server modifications required.
    Auto Return is not compatible with this feature.

    Amount to bill for the trial periodWhat's this?Customers will receive just one bill for each trial period.
    Define the trial period
    Do you want to offer a second trial period? What's this?Customers will receive just one bill for each trial period.
    Amount to bill for this trial periodWhat's this?Customers will receive one bill for the entire trial period.
    How long should the trial period last?
    Specify gift certificate amount

    Gift certificate style

    Choose background
    Merchant account IDs Learn more
  • Add the Item Name and part # (optional) but helpful if you are selling similar items
  • Enter the price (and currency) 
  • I chose to "Customize text or appearance" by choosing "smaller button" under that category...(I didn't really want to see the credit card pics)  You can choose any option or create your own button ~ 
  • Enter a shipping amount....(not really sure but couldn't find an Int'l option for separate shipping  (if anyone knows, please share)
  • Enter your tax rate if applicable
  • I've chosen to use my Secure Merchant Id (very protective and safer)
  • Step 2 - Adding inventory 
  • Step 2: Track inventory, profit & loss (optional)

    • Protect your buttons from fraudulent changes
    • Automatically add buttons to "My Saved Buttons" in your PayPal profile
    • Easily create similar buttons
    • Edit your buttons with PayPal's tools

    Don't oversell items not in stock -- Get an email alert when inventory is low.

    View profit and loss report by product/service.

    Item ID
    Qty. in stock
    Alert qty. (optional)What's this?When your inventory falls to this number, PayPal will send you an e-mail alert.

    Item ID
    Qty in stock
    Alert qty. (optional) What's this?When your inventory falls to this number, PayPal will send you an e-mail alert.
    Can customers buy an item when it is sold out?

    Take customers to specific page when they click Continue Shopping button on "item sold out" pageEx: http://www.mybuynowstore.com

    Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional)

  • I chose to check the Track Inventory
  • clicked BY ITEM 
  • then entered the Item # ID that I'm working on 
  • add the QUANTITY of the item available
  • The next section (can customers buy when sold out) is your choice...don't forget the http://in front 
  • I chose no...for my 1st item as I only have one and it's a OOAK 
  • For the redirection, I added my Etsy site URL so folks could continue shopping if the item is sold out 
  • Step 3- Customize advance features ...feel free to add anything that you choose...
Customize checkout pages
If you are an advanced user, you can customize checkout pages for your customers, streamline checkout, and more in this section.
Do you want to let your customer change order quantities?
Can your customer add special instructions in a message to you?
Do you need your customer's shipping address?

Example: https://www.mystore.com/cancel

Example: https://www.mystore.com/success
Advanced variables What's this?Power users can add extra PayPal button variables here.
Power users can add extra PayPal button variables here.
Use a line break between each variable. The variables will appear in your button’s HTML code. Learn more

  • STEP 4 -You are now ready to CREATE BUTTON
  • You will be redirected to a page with 

You are viewing your button code

  1. Click Select Code to select all the button code.
  2. Copy the code (CTRL+C for Windows, CMD+C for Mac -- or right-click and choose Copy).
  3. Paste the code into your own code (CTRL+V for Windows, CMD+V for Mac -- or right-click and choose Paste)

  • From here you will need to copy the generated code under website (highlight it all, right click on your mouse and choose copy
  • STEP 5 - Pasting the code to your blog 
  • Now that you have your code, you can begin to create your blog post as usual..stopping where you would like the BUY NOW BUTTON to be -placed...on my post I wanted the button just under the picture and description...so I stopped my typing there 
  • then while you are in a NEW POST or EDIT POST mode you can choose the "EDIT HTML" button above your post
  • this is the html code that makes everything happen on your blog...go to the bottom of all the code and PASTE the code you copied from Paypal
  • Click in preview and be sure everything is functioning before publishing post 
    • If the button needs to be centered, you can go back to compose, highlight the button and choose the centering button from the functions above 
Now you have successfully added an item for purchase with with a BUY NOW button to your blog...
All sales will go directly to your Paypal account and will follow their secure purchase proceedures.  
You can add as many items as you like just remember to add the new code directly  under each item ~


    Kristi Bowman said...

    I wondered how you did this but never took the time to try to figure it out, I want to do this for sure. Thank you!

    mishall magarzo said...

    this is a big help! very effective!



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