Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A GIVEAWAY...Turtle Earrings or Tube RIveted Glass Ring

I'm having a giveaway for 
my new Dazzle Patina TURTLE Earrings 
a New Glass Bead Tube Riveted Copper Ring....
You must visit my Facebook page &  "LIKE" it if not already and leave me a funny comment or joke ~
to go to my page
 I'm a bit behind and a bit stressed out....
just needed to laugh! 
I just posted the inspiration behind the turtle earrings on 
I hope you'll check it out and leave a comment!
BTW, you can purchase the turtle earrings in a variety of shapes and sizes
 on my Etsy Site
Thanks for visiting! 
Winner will be chosen Sunday! 


The Crazier Sister said...

Oh, LOVE the purple-ie peacock-ie colors in both items! Wow!
p.s., found your FB page (had to do it from my phone... they blocked us at work... did I just admit something there? 0_o* ) Didn't leave a joke so much as a humourous moment that really happened!

KayzKreationz said...

Checking out your facebook page. Liked it and left you a 'funny' about chocolate and calories.

Shelby Foxwell said...

Just read your post on Earrings Everyday. Before I even read the post I recognized the turtle crossing sign. These are my stomping grounds! Delaware Beaches are great! Cute earrings!

Fashion Rings Online said...

WOw... love these pics.. especially their jewellery!
Thank you for sharing these pics.... i've pinned few of them to my boards!

Luciano Ruocco said...

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