Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Peek At My Giveaway!

Here's a sneak peek of the bracelet I will be giving away this weekend! A beautiful double-sided chunky link bracelet.  One side with a raku Tree of Life cabochon the other with glass image art "dream".  Bracelet is adjustable to fit everyone!  

Everyone is welcome to attend! 

This is one of many giveaways for the Beads of Clay Open Studio Blog Event this Sunday 10/24/10  2:00 to 5:00 EST.  Hop on over to the BOC Blog to see what wonderful pieces will be won and the wonderful artists participating.  There will be more Giveaways posted during the week. Don't forget the coupon offer that will be posted on my site between 2 and 5pm on Sunday.  30% off coupon for any ceramic jewelry items  -  good until December 15th. Good for 1 time purchase with Custom orders, in person or etsy purchases.  This is a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping finished at a great discount!   I will be adding many pieces to my Etsy store for the event.  Look forward to seeing you on-line Sunday. Right here at my blog. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my other giveaway "necklace" and a surprise giveaway to be posted on Sunday!  

Here are the Event details! Visit our Beads of Clay Blog to see some of the other giveaways you can enter to win! 

For visitors, here is what the blogging schedule looks like and what you can expect.
2:00pm: Artist Introduction (clickable links will be on the Oct. 24 blog post)
2:45pm: "1st Giveaway" (comment on that specific giveaway to try to win the item)
3:00pm: Bloggers will pick the commenter winner on the 1st giveaway
3:15pm: Welcome into the Artist Studio
4:00pm: "2nd Giveaway" (comment on that specific giveaway to try to win the item)
4:15pm: Bloggers will pick the commenter winner on the 2nd giveaway
4:30pm: Artist will Share a Fall Tradition, Recipe, or something special with you.
5:00pm: Closing of Open Studio Event. Continue to shop the artists Etsy Shops, Websites, etc for specials they may be running for this event.


Rosalynn said...

Melinda - I just found your beautiful jewelry and ceramic pieces through the Beads of Clay. Your work is lovely and this bracelet is a wonderful choice for your giveaway. I plan to visit your site often. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Melinda Orr said...

Thank you Rosalynn...I really appreciate your kind words! I am forever creating new concepts...Please take a moment to click on the follow my blog to be entered to win my big giveaway at the end of the month!


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