Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A View from my Studio~

Just thought I'd share one of the amazing views from my studio.  This is out the large garage door, which sadly will soon be closed for winter.  When it's open I see deer and fawn, birds, critters, turkeys, hummingbird moths, butterflies, bees and I can hear my chickens once in a while too.   I rarely hear a car or truck or city noises...unless the Christmas tree trucks are running or the Fedx guy is bringing me a package!  Mostly I hear the birds or my ipod.

 I've been working on Christmas ornaments today, with some ^6 porcelain & a very nice brown clay from Standard Clay.  I won the kiln I was hoping for at a great price on ebay and just got the notice it shipped!  So today is a clean up day in honor of the new kiln and a little fun too! 

Here are a few of my porcelain ornaments just beginning to dry...tomorrow I'll bisque fire and wait for my new kiln to arrive!  These will are trials of what will hopefully be wonderful tree ornaments! The largest half ball is around 3".  The little  rounds with holes are some trials for new pendants I'm trying to create.  

Here's a peek at my metal working station...doming blocks, buffer, torch, brass, copper & silver lot's of hole punches etc. Hoped you like the view..... Next week I'll show you a little more of my space! 


maryharding said...

Hi Melinda, your inlinkx worked like a charm great studio photos

Christine ~ ladybrookdesigns said...

It's wonderful to work with nature right there! me too!! Still waiting for studio to be done....
Great pictures! Wow! you have really expanded Melinda! Growing beautifully in your art! Thanks for sharing!

Diana P. said...

Can't wait to see how the ornaments turn out!


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