Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working on Christmas Ornaments...

I've been working non-stop on Christmas Ornaments for upcoming holiday shows.  Here's a peek into some new designs just ready to be bisque fired.  Tomorrow I'll add the glaze and fire them...I'm especially excited to about the Primitive Feather line....Lot's of fun to make and can't wait to coordinate the glaze colors tomorrow!  I've got a batch of snowmen glazed and ready to be fired with all these new ornaments.  Can't wait to see when I open the kiln!  I'll post everything next week!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Going in town Saturday for the Trick or Treat event on Market Street with the Berkheimers.  Always a treat there!  We're too far out in the woods to get TrickorTreat we take our kids into our wonderful small town...a fun night for all! The treat of all treats...Angela is home from PSU Altoona to visit for the weekend....sure to be fun!

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Diana P. said...

I wanted to do ornaments this year but I have way too much inventory I need to make. I love your snowmen!!!


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