Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Soaps

I continue to work at my soaps with good success.  I have had a few flops (the middle picture) but turned it into a wonderful silky salt soap muffin after rebatching it.  I love the fragrance of my O'sage Orange Soap and CocoPaya which is a light coconut & papaya fragrance.  I've been sharing lot's of my trials with friends and family, looking for feedback.  Seeing if the recipes create soaps that are good enough to sell.  I've also been working on ceramic soap dishes to hold the soaps and will be posting pictures once they are glazed and fired. I've also put together a variety of lip balms.  My son had a sledding party and the girls took a break and stopped in to help.  We created a wonderful chocolate mint, grape & raspberry. They were all excited to take home their creations!  So far, 2011 is proving to be very fun and educational!  


Diana P. said...

The orange one looks yummy. Put them up for sale so I can buy one....or trade you beads for a bar, lol!

Melinda Orr said...

Send me your address & I'll mail you one! :-)


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