Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Light Scarves for Spring

On the nights I have to endure Swamp Loggers, Deadliest Warriors and Top Shot (my husband and son's favorite tv) I get out the yarn and crochet. 
 I've got about 8 projects going...a sweater (my first), a folded shawl (my first) a loose cardigan (ran out of a necessary color), crocheted earrings and pendants (bunches of those that I can't decide how to finish) and this new light and airy scarf with one of my ceramic buttons. 

 I have to say....I love these...they just complete many of the outfit's I'm wearing....I tend to wear a lot of browns, blues and I am always cooking, designing, gardening, get the picture ~  my daughter, Alexis throws one on as she's rushing out the door for I feel like I've done something acceptable in the "teen world".. Woo hoo...this is an amazing accomplishment!  

So let me know what you think....I'll be adding this new scarf line to my Etsy site soon and in my new Artisan Market here in downtown Muncy. (this is a secret...shhh)

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