Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love My Art Jewelry: The Art Bead Love Tour

Don't miss your opportunity to join in!
Love My Art Jewelry: The Art Bead Love Tour
The Art Bead Love Tour is an ongoing project to spread the love of handmade to new and exciting places. It’s a way to reach people who may have never stumbled upon our blog on their own, and give them a chance to share the love of handmade. We chose to use a chain to link beads as a symbol of how this project links us all together~ in our unity to stand behind handmade.
We have filled one and a half feet of chain with handmade beads, charms and pendants, donated by our own Love My Art Jewelry Group. There are 60 beads on this chain, worth approximately $450. It includes ceramic, glass, polymer, various metals and metal clay beads. It’s a true tribute to handmade in all its beady glory! These beads are ready to go on tour…….the Art Bead Love Tour! This tour is basically an art bead swap, which will go on and on and on.


somethingunique said...

Hi Melinda,
what a fabu idea...i can't wait to keep track of the journey...
have a great day ttfn Lana :)

Aleksandra Micic said...

Wonderful idea for connecting. Will enjoy the updates of the Tour.


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