Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cab 52 ~ Week 1

This is the first of my new project
CAB 52
It is a challenge to myself to design a bezel set cabochon in an original piece of  jewelry every week in 2012.  I plan to explore rings, pendants, earrings, pins and bracelets. 
I will be using handmade Artisan cabochons and beads.  
If you have a handmade piece you would like to be considered or you have created a design with a bezel setting, I would love to share your work 
Please email me HERE 
I will be purchasing the cabs/beads once I decide on the pieces to use...if you would rather donate them, I'll place a month long ad with your link/picture on the side bar.  

So this weeks cab setting has an interesting story... My daughter Angela saw a piece that I designed recently and wanted to do something similar...she took a 1.5" round disc cut a hole in the middle and stamped it with a cool sun motif ~ she etched the back side as well so it would be interesting to look at.  We decided to put holes in the disc and wire wrap around the edges....but this turned out failing miserably....she was totally discouraged and left it on the bench....She went away for a few days...and there it sat...I just kept glancing at it.   Finally I came up with a plan to surprise her....I cut the holes out to make sun rays....if you look closely you can see where they were...I bent the inside prongs up and down...... soldered the back to the front.....then set the glass cab inside the prongs and used my bezel tools to create a snug fit.  Using 16g brass wire  bent the whole length, I wrapped it around the piece weaving it in and out of itself.   Made a loop from the end of the brass and added a simple copper bail and over-sized ball chain necklace ~ 
I was totally thrilled and wrapped it up.....
She about cried when she opened it up Christmas morning....
She knew immediately that it was her piece! 
 I thought this would be a fun story to share...I hope you like my collaboration design! 

Goddess of the Sun Bezel Necklace 
Stop back every Wednesday to follow my progress! 
Many of the components I use are available on my Etsy page as well as the tools you'll need! 
Stop over and take a peek! Melinda Orr Designs  ~ Etsy
Every Friday I'll be posting a new tutorial or how to on metalworking and tools ...Come on back!


Christine said...

Wow! What a save on this piece. It turned out gorgeous! I know your daughter was thrilled.

KayzKreationz said...

It turned out wonderful. I know your daughter was soooo happy to see her piece finished. What a great idea.

Marti C. said...

That is beautiful, Melinda!

BahamaDawn said...

WOW!! that turned out to be a gorgeous piece!

stacilouise said...

That goes sooo perfectly with that cab! Great story, its so fun to know the "why" behind a piece of jewelry! Question- do you glue your cabs, or is it all metal holding them in? I am so nervous to try prong setting. Thanks!

lindalandig said...

I enjoyed reading the story behind this piece, Melinda. Its so wonderful that you and your daughter can share your creative efforts.

mishall magarzo said...


i like your site! really!

CharmN Jewelry said...

I think exchanging each others ideas and competing with each other in a healthy way to get the best of the creative art is a very good way to grow.Nice pieces here shared of course !Charm Bracelets

mishall magarzo said...

thanks for the link!



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