Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012....The Fun Starts Tomorrow :-))

Thank you 2011! 
You have been an amazing year for me ~ 
Hello 2012! 
I have so many ideas for this new year...

Look for my Wednesday posts right here...called 
CAB 52
I'll be designing around Artisan cabochons and beads....
finding new & exciting ways to use them.  
I'm looking for unique pieces to work with....more details tomorrow!  

Every Friday, I'll be offering tutorials of fun projects
 in riveting, metalwork, soldering, 
wire work, patina/oxidizing and tool usage. 

I'm excited to be involved in so many new group projects. 

I'll be contributing over at the Everyday Earrings blog every other Tuesday...

I'm working with a truly talented group of component designers for a new blog coming soon.  
More details as we move forward with it and a few more group projects in the works...
not much I can say yet, but I'm really excited about them! 

I'll be offering lot's of 
giveaways and good deals 
this year on my blog ~ 

I'm excited to add lots of new components and jewelry designs as well as DIY kits &  
collaborating with other designers along the way  ~ 

So you don't want to miss a single post this year....
you can follow easily via email ...
just click on the email notice on the left of this post....
All of my blog posts connect with my facebook business page  

 I have a few winners to get designs to yet this week 
(I'm behind a couple weeks) ~ 
A house full of family and kids....
family visiting from California & driving through a few states to visit even more family....
A wonderful holiday...just shorted my time in the studio.  
So hang in there if you're waiting for something...
will be in your mailbox soon ~ 

Thank you all for your support ~
I hope you'll all join me this year! 
It's going to be a really fun & inspirational year~  


lindalandig said...

Wow, Melinda, you've got a lot going on for 2012. Sounds like fun. I'm really looking forward to the components blog. What an awesome idea!

Christine said...

Looking forward to all of your new ideas and tutorials!
Happy New Year!

KayzKreationz said...

Sounds like loads of fun. I'll be watching and reading.

Stories They Tell said...

Melinda, you have some great ideas for 2012. I would love to do a cabochon for you with my textured 'snakes'. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

mishall magarzo said...

happy new year! 2012 sounds great, isn't it?

mishall magarzo said...

do you still have promos?


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