Saturday, January 28, 2012

CAB 52 ~ Week 4

This week's CAB 52 Project...really just came to me in a flash...I've just posted new oval stampings on my Etsy site and have been incorporating them into my designs the last couple weeks.  As I was looking at them...I thought I could use half of the oval for the prong setting and the other half could be flower petals coming out from each end...I actually made it originally this way and thought it looked a little flat....even though I textured the petals.  (Next time I have to remember to photograph in stages) I really wanted to incorporate wire and added 14g annealed wire through the loops I ended up making from the petals.  The base is a 1.5" brass round from my Etsy and I soldered 5 copper skinny ovals around the brass circle.  This week I am using a new piece that I've been testing all week...a dome bisque ceramic cabochon  with a copper has been oxidized and bits of blue patina peek through....I've been working hard for weeks on trying to get unique results....I have some really cool pieces coming out...this particular one is subdued...but I really like it.   

The bail was made from a scrap piece of copper.
Textured and formed it snugly tp fit the thick ivory leather bail bar.
I've been missing working my leather into designs and really wanted the softness of it here.   
The clasp is hole punched and a copper hook completes the piece....
I used a chunky copper link for chain which matched the size of the pendant.
I hope this inspires you to think out of the box....
use common components to create a fun, original bezels 
for Artisan Beads and Cabs! 
I have so many ideas for the future cabs....and many component designers pieces are arriving everyday! 
I hope you'll take a moment to visit my Etsy Site...
Ton's of components, tools and finished jewelry to choose from

Sorry for the delay on tutorials...ran into a couple snags...
Tomorrow for sure! 
Happy Designing ~ M


Beetique said...

it's nice. Would like to see a step by step tutorial someday :)

lindalandig said...

You had said you were thinking about flower components - I love the result! I also really like the way you did the clasp.

mishall magarzo said...

tutorials.. :)


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