Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CAB 52 ~ Week 5

Today's a little fun way to create a cabochon look with beads....
I always love pink with copper..
It always seems to push aside the orange 
& pulls in the pink side for a perfect harmony
of color. 
Add the blue/green patina on textured slivers 
& it's a match made in heaven!
 I could have circled the stone too...would have been pretty...
I kind of like the messy wrapping....
Hope you enjoyed this little peek in to my cab world!

Take a minute to see my post over at Earrings Everyday blog 
for a wonderful new earring design....
Many of the items to create this design are available on my Etsy site...
Hope you'll stop by! 


Holly said...

So pretty! I love the combo of copper with pink too :)

mishall magarzo said...

copper with colors that fit with it really looks elegant!



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