Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey! How did I get here?

Today's design is visiting how my jewelry ideas begin ~ 
I've been playing with patina's this month.  
Stop by my post on Earrings Everyday Blog ~ for these featured earrings! 

I've been working towards new color combinations that will be unique to my designs ~  
I had my husband put together some etching for me to practice on.  
This is a blue patina with iridescent highlights ~  
(sorry but the highlights are really hard to see here) 
These were inspired by this piece I made the day before ~ 

When I put it out to some online friends, they thought this could be used as a hair clip or bracelet focal

Riveting this piece to a cuff base or adding fun beads and links would be fun! 
I think I'll make one long piece to wire on each end of my comb~ 
with out the dangles...but I think they would work too! 

Another friend thought it would be fun for for a book focal ~ 

I thought it would also make a terrific necklace for Spring!
Maybe with some sparkly beads too!  

So for me this is how ideas are born....
I love suggestions and thinking out of the box~ 
My favorite question...where can I take this? 
And making it happen....many times my ideas don't work out... 
 Very often those mistakes turn into my best pieces! 
So don't put off trying out new things...
who knows where you'll end up!

to join in the daily chat ~ 


The Crazier Sister said...

I absolutely LOVE the peacock-like colors of this focal! Gorgeous!

sharon said...

This is brilliant! I just got done pouring over your blog...everything is so gorgeous and you are AMAZING!

lindalandig said...

This is such a gorgeous patina, Melinda! I esp. love your piece as an idea for a focal.

CharmN Jewelry said...

It is a very mesmerising colour,That you have tried a hair comb with the decoration is lovely idea...like to wear these for my hair but find very few.Gold Charm Bracelet

Lori Anderson said...


pam ferrari said...

I just love this new patina your working with. Every piece you do out does the next one. Beautiful work!!!

RockRushIndia said...

Awesome post. Buy latest styles of ladies earrings online.


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