Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm excited to share a new group blog that I'll be contributing to with
Jennifer Cameron, Karen Totten, Kristi Bowman, Linda Larson and Barbara Lewis ~
Art Jewelry Elements 
Hope you'll stop by and check it out!
Stop by my post at Earrings Everyday and check out my "Groovy Tree Surfers"!  
A funny story to go along with them ~

Here are some things I've been working on recently ~ 
New Leather designs...look for the supplies in my store soon!  Will be posting more  soon~ 

New Rustic Pink Patina....soon to be added to my Etsy

Sweet Bird Earrings

Vintaj Patinas on fired Bisque from Bisque Bead Supply

Wire wrapped Dragonflies! 

Fresh picked Rose Hips...(beads really)

Beaded Rings with copper findings...

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Crafty Gal Linda said...

Everything is so beautiful! I especially like the rose hip earrings but everything is fab!

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are all so gorgeous! I love the designs love the colors love it all!

Marlene Cupo said...

Have already joined the new blog Art Jewelry Elements. Looks like it will be very interesting. Congrats on becoming a contributor.

Marla said...

I cannot wait to get my new bracelet! It seems perfect for the summer! Don't forget to send me the invoice for it!

Erin Siegel said...

I LOVE your jewelry. You make the most gorgeous things!

Charm Bracelets said...

Love the insect and butterfly inspirations.I know when we have nature f spring around it does infuse into our subconscious.

DESPINA said...

Amazing colors!!
Your patina pieces are gorgeous
<3 <3


Crafty Gal Linda said...

The colors are just amazing! Beautiful!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Very pretty! I esp. love the bird earrings.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Just discovered these rose hip earrings on Pinterest! They are gorgeous! But so is everything else! Interesting Etsy shop too! Shall certainly spend some time there....

Jif tech said...

Hey buddies, such a marvelous blog you have made I’m surprised to read such informative stuf Niv's Bling


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