Monday, October 17, 2011

Calling all COMPONENT Designers!!!!

If you are a 
designer of jewelry components & findings~ 
please join me in this wonderful sale and HUGE giveaway! 
Check out the details below and click the Inlinkz button to join in~  
Here are the details...
(please see below for other upcoming sales)
to build our customer base...

All handmade medias are welcome..
glass, metal, clay, polymer, PMC, mixed media, resin....etc...

Your responsibilities:
  • Offer a discount on components and/or jewelry on your site
  • Offer a number of free trinkets or gifts to be included with those that participate with the coupon code (I am offering copper ear wires with cleaning pad to all those ordering with my coupon code.) You could offer something for every purchase over $25 or the first ten creative....this is a great way to let folks try out some of your new concepts and many will blog about your free gift after they design with it ~ consider it free advertising.... Send a message after they order to ask them to send a picture of their design ~ share it on your blog or facebook ~ It will inspire others to buy your components.
  • Add your store to my inlinkz link below
  • Offer a discount of 10% or more and create a coupon code starting with: Earlybird and the discount amt 15% (Earlybird15) or whatever your discount amount is ~ on the sale days
  • Items in your shop should be mostly handmade, must include some components and can include finished jewelry as well.
  • Share the Early bird sale button on your blog
  • Blog about it throughout the week and don't forget to add a link back to my site for shoppers to get to others sites ~
  • I will be blogging/facebooking about participants, the event and sharing the giveaway on many sites to bring in shoppers ~
  • Please post a daily reminder on your personal facebook page and fan page and share links of designers that will be participating
  • Try to be available at least 3 times per day on the days of the sale and answer questions quickly....
The Giveaway ~
My donation will be an assortment of metal working tools, blanks, wire, ear wires and and components....valued over $200....If you would like to donate to the giveaway, send me a picture of the item and retail value....if we could get the giveaway amount up to $300-500 it would be huge and I think we could get many folks to participate...I will be sharing this giveaway on all the giveaway sites and many of our favorite sites ....if you are involved in groups etc....this will be hugely successful if we all cross promote and get the word out...Please share on your groups blogs, personal blogs, facebook pages, people can get entries early by blogging or facebooking the event on Monday and Tuesday before ...I will send a reminder message with all the details as you link in ~ Feel free to contact me at anytime with questions, ideas concerns etc ~ Melinda

Here's how it will work for those entering to win~
  • To be entered, one must "follow" the blog and leave a comment on each blog for individual entries ~ but to be entered they must be following the blog they post on. This will cross promote potential customers to each of our sites...and build our following base which in turn should bring in more traffic to your sites ~
  • Share the sale on their blog or facebook page with link for extra entries
  • At the end of the giveaway I will collect the entries from participating vendors and create a random winner (Depending on how many donations, I may pick up to 3 winners)
  • The giveaway entries will run from Mon Oct 24-Fri Oct 28

Here are the details for the upcoming sales ~
Handmade ~ Cyber Sale
(free shipping)
Thurs & Fri
November 17th & 18
Last Minute
A one day sale with large discount 
to blow out inventory for end of year
December 14th
Join me for one or for all ~ 
any suggestions welcome
as this is my first try at group sales


Rebecca said...

Sounds totally awesome - can't wait!

The Beading Gem said...

What a great idea. Will definitely spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Great sale - I am spreading the word...

Strings Attached Beads and Accessories said...

Would love to win!

Andrea said...

I love this idea. I am so enamored of all of your creativity.

Liz said...

Thanks for the great sale and opportunity to win the giveaway!

vintage style rings said...

I LOVED YOUR IDEA. Thanks for posting great sale and good opportunity. I will certainly go for it :)


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