Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've Been A Yarnen Fool

Here's a cool headband I made for my daughter Alexis last night...She went through my boxes of yarn and picked out the colors.  It was really fun and the flowers were totally easy!  I even got to incorporate one of my favorite olive glazed buttons!  Guess I'll be knitting & crocheting the rest of winter...I have some super cool scarf concepts I've been playing with....I'll show you as soon as I finish them...sometimes I need to put them down and just play around with it in my head a while....I really want to add my clay buttons and charms in an unusual way! Any suggestions?  What do you think of the headband...I'm thinking... I would like to add some leather somehow...just not sure how! Please share your thoughts~


Alice said...

Very sweet! I never learned to knit or crochet, but the idea of using ceramic buttons or beads sounds great!

Aleksandra Micić said...

The head bands are a great idea, also hand/wrist and leg warmers.... scarves definitely... I am doing right now bags with my mega buttons but am sewing them you could do knitted/crocheted bags (my mom does those but she doesn't sell...yet :)(I'll post it soon))... Brooches are a great idea too, with ceramics incorporated... don't settle for flower patterns only, experiment... Oh I can't wait to see the lots of your new venture!


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